Monday, May 21, 2012

Sqweel Wheel Reviews

The first time we saw the Sqweel Wheel,  (A.K.A. Squeal Wheel) we knew it was going to be special.  The design was unlike other oral sex toys on the market and a unique design in an industry that often has many of the same products by different distributors; it is something special when something completely new hits the market. We wondered just how soft the little tongues would be and when the manufacturer sent us a sample to check out, we were really impressed. Those little tongues felt very real and several of the female staff in the office were already putting in an order for one just for them.

Like most sex toys, the Sqweel Wheel needs lubricant to be effective and as always, we recommend only using a Waterbased lubricant that is Paraben free.

Once turned on the little soft, pink tongues rotate providing a sweet licking sensation like no other product on the market. Once the female staff tried them for themselves, their
recommendations to customers were clearly passionate ones.

Turns out the Sqweel Wheel delivers on the promise of feeling like a real tongue giving oral sex, except these tongues never get tired and will keep going until you are ready to. The speeds are adjustable and that means you can start off slowly and move into something more intense.

Once customers began trying them and word got around, we sold them like hotcakes and so far, we have not had one negative review on them. They were recently featured on the Jay Leno show, which caused them to sell out for a while and when I say sell out, I mean the whole industry went dry. However, they are back in stock and have some pretty cool attachments that you can now get with them.

Learn more about the oral sex toy that bringing ecstasy to many women and men all over the world.

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