Friday, May 25, 2012

Foreplay & Seduction Tips

How important is foreplay if you are trying to reach orgasm?

The desirable length and type of foreplay really depends on the person. Remember that foreplay is not just sexual interaction, but one’s mindset before hand as desire begins in the mind. On average, people across the world spend 19.7 minutes on foreplay, with men claiming to spend 20.2 minutes and women spending 18.8 minutes.

Foreplay can include setting the atmosphere with candles, music, soft bedding, and undressing, kissing, petting, performing oral sex as well as other erotic behavior.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started-

- Sensual Massage
- Strip Tease
- Blind Fold
- Feeding One Another (Things like fruits dipped in chocolate).
- Body painting
- Bathing One Another
- Reading One Another Erotic Stories
- Exploring One Another’s Bodies With Your Mouth
- Role Reversal
- Role Play
- Secret Rendezvous
- Sexy Costumes

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