Thursday, May 31, 2012

Can a Woman Have an Anal Orgasm?

This orgasm originates in the anus and is usually induced by rhythmic insertion of an object into the anal canal. Because women do not have a prostate it was thought that they would not enjoy anal sex as much as a man would, however, the female prostate glands are stimulated through the pressure to the upper vaginal wall during this sexual activity. Therefore, those nerve endings provide a pleasurable sensation to the rectal and anal tissue.

Most women have described the anal orgasm as feeling like a building of sensual pleasure from the nerve endings in the anus, and creating an erotic sensation in the vagina, g-spot, and/or clitoris. The simultaneous stimulation of the anus merges with the heightening arousal in the females’ genitals and creates a deep and powerful orgasm that may even spread throughout the entire body.

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