Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sexual Hygiene Products for Men & Women

Aftercare Sexual Hygiene Products
Feeling confident before and after sex can sometimes boil down to good sexual hygiene. One of the most common reasons women feel tense receiving oral sex is that they are worried that their lover will not perceive them as fresh and clean.

The problem is that many of the feminine hygiene or sexual hygiene products out there are not natural and can cause irritation quite easily. That is why it is with great pleasure that we present our new sexual hygiene line of products: SHE (Sexual Health Enthusiasts) AfterCare.

Enjoy AfterTrace Spray, AfterIt Foaming Cleanser, AfterShave Pubic Shaving Cream that prevents razor rash (shave bumps)  and AfterGlow which offers 20 Cleansing Wipes. The products can be used on the vagina, penis, anus and all over the body for a clean, odorless natural scent that won’t interfere with your natural pheromones or chosen perfume or cologne.

With our Travel Set you can try smaller sizes to sample them as well as take them on the go with you. Always feel your sexual best – relaxed, ready to perform and enjoy sex even more with your lover.

AfterCare Sexual Hygiene Products

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