Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Erotic Stories

Erotic Stories at HolisticWisdom.com
We have some wonderfully juicy new erotic stories for you to enjoy. Some are true erotic stories while others are fictional but will still leave your breathless and ready for more. 

Check out our free erotic stories below as well as how to submit your own sexy tale-


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Make Ejaculate Taste & Smell Better

Improve Ejaculation Taste & Smell
There are many looking for answers to this question on the Internet and many who sell products promising that they will make your love juice taste and smell wonderful. 

There is even a company that sells intimate teas that makes claims that your ejaculate can taste and smell like maple cookies or that they can increase your libido through a screaming o tea. 

However, these teas and pills on the internet often find users of them offering poor reviews, especially considering that they are very expensive. 

If you want to get down to the truth of what will make your ejaculate taste and smell better for free, then read our article that will provide you with easy tips that you can do yourself without having to spend anything.

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