Thursday, April 3, 2014

LELO DEXTRUS Vibrator Review

LELO has created a new vibrator that is being referred to as the world’s first right-handed vibrator and it is called the DEXTRÜS. So what led to this innovated design you may wonder?

A recent study has indicated that those people who are predominately right handed are not as sexually satisfied as those who are left handed. After learning of this study (based on the Global Sex Survey with 10,000 participants) 

LELO created the new vibrator called DEXTRÜS based on the results which were verified by Le Gauche Institute, Paris. According to the study 86% of left-handed participants indicated they were “Extremely Satisfied” with their sex lives while only 15% of right-handed participants reporting the same. With such a dramatic difference, LELO explored creating a new vibrator that would be specifically designed to help women and men who are right handed.

The DEXTRÜS is made out of silicone ensuring a non-porous, bacteria resistant body that is soft and squeezable. When pressure is applied to the LELO DEXTRÜS, its Right-Squeeze technology causes vibrations to travel up the left arm in order to stimulate the right side of the brain. This then blocks distractions from the sexual stimulation that one is receiving.

By continuously squeezing the DEXTRÜS vibrator with the left hand during love-making and/or sexual stimulation, the touch-sensors emit a series of powerful vibration patterns that can be applied all over the body, while at the same time allowing users to access a left-handers’ state of mind.

DEXTRÜS will be available from late April and you can purchase it through LELO authorized dealer

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