Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gspot Lollipop Review

The Gspot Lollipop is an interesting sex toy as it looks like a lollipop with two ends or even a tongue piercing barbell. What makes them so effective is the pressure that they put on the gspot

Many people often think that rubbing the gspot will provide the most sexual stimulation, but it is pressure up and into the gspot area that is the most effective not only at bringing pleasure but also in providing delicious orgasms and even female ejaculation

Women who have used the Gspot Lollipop find it to be unlike any dildo that they have tried as it is something that provides pinpoint pressure. Most women find the larger size to be the most effective in contributing to female ejaculation; however, there is a smaller size for women that are not ready for the larger ball.

The most important aspect of this product is the insertion and extraction. To insert you simply spin the ball once it is lubricated into the vaginal opening and then you are able to thrust and push against the gspot. What happens after orgasm is that the pelvic floor muscles (A.K.A. Kegel muscles) actually wrap around the ball of the Gspot Lollipop making removal a bit tricky if you try an pull it straight out, especially after a very strong orgasm. By rolling and spinning the Gspot Lollipop easily comes out.

If you are a woman that is looking for something that goes beyond your average gspot stimulation, the Gspot Lollipop is a great sex toy to enjoy. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sex Toys on Showtime's Gigolos

If you have not watched the show Gigolos on Showtime, then you have missed one of the most interesting sexual shows on a primetime channel. Interesting is a key word because whether you love it or hate it there is certainly a fair amount of sexually explicit and in some cases simply bizarre situations to talk about at the water cooler the next day. 

What we have always known is that women enjoy their sex toys. From vibrators to dildos, there is a great love affair that has gone on throughout history when it comes to creativity in and out of the bedroom with adult toys. 

One of the arguments against sex toys for couples has been that they are really only for women that do not have a partner in their lives. However, boyfriends and husbands that purchase sex toys for their female lovers can tell you that is just plain nonsense. What can further be seen through the women that hire gigolos is that not only do women love sex toys, but they love it even more when a partner use those sex toys on them. 

They of course can never replace a lover’s warm touch or the thrill of the passionate human desires that create a thrilling sexual experience like no other; however, they can empower everyone from a 'working man' to a boyfriend / husband, etc. in being not only more sexually creative but make his experiences more fun and even easier. 

One of the episodes ("Searching for a Fire Power" original air date September 6, 2012) 
on Gigolos recently featured the cast member Brace who took his client to a sex shop to buy gummy panties and a vibrating glass dildo called Icicles no.19 glass vibrator by Pipedream. Brace proceeds to use it on his client in a limousine as she moans and begs for more. 

Most people when they see a glass vibrator for the first time think that it is made with a clear plastic, but it is the strength of Pyrex glass that makes it perfect to use as a sex toy. The glass in nonporous and hypoallergenic and warms and cools easily so that users can have it at the temperature they are most comfortable with as they play.

On another recent episode ("The Steven Clown Affair" original air date August 30, 2012) cast member Vin Armani meets his client at a bar where he gives her a remote control vibrator to insert. She excuses herself to the bathroom for a moment to insert it and returns only to have Vin fumble with the remote until he realizes it is on “travel lock” mode and he has to unlock it by pushing the ‘on’ button for 4 seconds for it turn on. (This feature keeps the vibrator from going off when you do not want it to such as when placed in a purse or suitcase).

Vin jokes that perhaps he should have read the manual before he had attempted to do this little scenario and he was right. What was especially interesting about this scene is that they are using the LELO Lyla 2, which is a nearly silent vibrator. 

Once Vin and his client get to the hotel room, he drops the vibrator on the floor and as they have sex it vibrates its way across the room. It does demonstrate how powerful the vibrator actually is as there are not many that could walk themselves across a carpeted floor the way that the LELO Lyla did.

As more sex toys are shown on Gigolos we will bring you more insight into how they were used and what they can do to enhance your own expereinces.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ryan Gosling As Christian Grey

The cat may be out of the bag as Niall Leonard, the husband of Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James has  been dropping strong hints that Ryan Gosling will be taking the role of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of the book trilogy. Rumors that Matt Bomer or Channing Tatum may be taking the role have been speculated throughout the Internet for months. However, it looks like a strong possibility that Gosling will be taking whip in hand to be the billionaire bad boy Christian Grey. Questions still remain who will be playing the coveted role of Anastasia Steele. 

Leonard has denied that the character is based on himself by saying ‘I’m glad I’m not him because he’s actually damaged, I wouldn't have liked to go through what he went through.’

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