Friday, June 1, 2012

Intimate Organics Massage Oils Review

Not all massage oils are created equally. Many on the market today contain toxins in them, however, even those that do not may be overly greasy, have too much or too little fragrance or even feel tacky on the skin.

One of the best massage oils on the market today are those made by Intimate Organics, a company that cares about their consumers by using the very best certified organic ingredients. Intimate Organics Massage Oils come in six different scents that are so unique that it would be difficult to find such exquisite blends elsewhere.

The oils themselves offer a smooth feel that is not at all greasy. While it lasts long enough for a lovely massage, they easily absorb into the skin leaving you feeling soft and smooth. They are fantastic for using in the shower or bath for skin that is supple, healthy and smells wonderful.

The scents are extremely enticing and creative-

Relaxing - Lemongrass & Coconut
This has a soft and light hint of lemon with a creamy coconut scent. It actually is true to the name and has a relaxing aroma-therapeutic effect.

Sensual - Cocoa Bean & Gogi Berry
This is not your average cocoa, this is smells like a truly rich chocolate and berry cake with no artificial scent to be found. It is one of the truest cocoa scents we have encountered.

Energizing - Orange & Ginger Root
This is a bright and happy scent that really invigorates the senses and provides a feeling of happiness.

Awake – Black Pepper &  Grapefruit
This scent offers a sweet grapefruit scent that is quite enticing and fun. While, you cannot smell the black pepper, you can enjoy the health benefits of it.

Blush - Sweet Floral Peony Blush
This scent is a lovely floral bouquet that will remind you of a rich, floral garden.

Chai - Vanilla, Cinnamon & Ginger Root
If you love chai then look no further as this is so true to the scent of Chai that it will make your mouth water. One of our favorites.

Learn more and purchase these amazing oils-
Intimate Organics Massage Oils


Anonymous said...

How does the black pepper pink grapefruit taste? I'm gonna have to try that out.

Holistic Wisdom said...

It is not edible so you would not taste it. However, the scent is wonderful and not something that we expected. It is light, sweet with a bit of tangy grapefruit. You really do not pick up on the black pepper.

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