Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fifty Shades Sex Toys

Whether you are are a fan of the books and soon to be movies, many are rushing out to buy sex toys and BDSM gear that are described in the stories of Fifty Shades by the British author E. L. James. However, most people have no idea that there are some core things you should know before you buy sex toys and sexual products.

Toxins in Sex Toys & Sexual Products-

One of the things you should definitely understand is that many sex toy retailers are selling sex toys and gear with toxins in them. They range from Phthalates in plastics to Parabens in your personal lubricants. These are not toxins to be taken lightly either as they can cause cancer, lower sperm count and affect hormone levels just to name a few of the related adverse health conditions.

Therefore, it is key that you find a sex toy, lubricant, etc. that is toxin free. Because there are no labels on sex toys (they are classified as novelties by the FDA), it is almost impossible for consumers to figure all of this out. There are many helpful articles regarding toxins in sex toys and how to avoid them through the Holistic Wisdom sex toy articles. However, to make things even easier, specializes in selling only nontoxic sex toys and products so that you know that no matter what you buy, you are getting something that is free of such things as Phthalates, Parabens, etc.

Sex Toy Quality

There are also many different levels of quality when it comes to sex toys that you should ask yourself if you just want something for fun that is temporary or if you want something that will last a long time and perform above and beyond expectation. Think of sex toys like cars... there are the lower models that give you the basics, and then there are those that are the Lexus or Mercedes of sex toys. The good thing is that some of the higher quality sex toys are pretty reasonable on your pocket book so you do not have to spend much to get a lot for your money. For example, many quality sex toys are under $25.

The Reality of Sexual Adventures

One thing that you really want to keep in mind is how open your partner is going to be if you get something that is more wild than mild. Also, how satisfying will the sex toy be for you. Often times the fantasy of something is much different than the reality.
  • For example, some people do not realize that you should always use a lubricant with a sex toy no matter what arousal levels there are as it actually makes them more pleasurable. When lubricant is not used, it can make the sex toy uncomfortable to use and feel awkward. 
  • Some people are also under the impression that bigger is better and then realize they were really looking something that would provide stimulation to certain points, rather than just overwhelming them with stretching.
  • Also, many do not realize that you can buy body massagers that have attachments making them able to be used as a sex toy or a general body massager. This can be less intimating to some partners because no matter what, you still have the body massager that can be used for back rubs and who does not enjoy that?
  • The biggest mistakes that new buyers make are not understanding size, how to use and care for the sex toy and having unrealistic expectations for what their sex toy will do or how their partner will react.
To learn more about how to pick the best sex toys, BDSM and other sexual products, see our articles and sexual resources or contact us for confidential expert advice to help you make your sexual fantasies a reality.

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