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Masturbation Tips for Women

All women should try masturbation whether they are single or in a relationship, not just because it is healthy and fun... but because it is a wonderful way to embrace sensual beauty within. It allows a woman to better know herself, her body, sexual desires, sexual preferences and provides her with the opportunity for a rich and fertile imagination through her sexual fantasies.

There is no right or wrong way to masturbate but finding what most pleases you is a wonderful journey. By exploring masturbation women can also become more comfortable with their own bodies and sexual functioning. It also allows them to be better equipped at communicating to a partner what brings them pleasure so that sexual intimacy can be increased and orgasms are more easily achieved.

Masturbation Tips for Women


The first thing to do is to set up a comfortable environment. If you're going to use toys, get them and a good personal lubricant out and near the play area. Get in the mood by taking a warm bath, reading an erotic book or even watch an erotic or romantic movie. You can also think of a past sexual encounters that really gets you aroused, or fantasize about one you'd like to have. Whatever appeals to you, relaxes you and enhances the mood is the best place to start.

Clitoral Stimulation

The clitoris is the one organ on our bodies that is purely for sexual pleasure. Women can also be very excited by stimulation of the g-spot, but some women are unable to orgasm unless they receive some sort of clitoral stimulation.

You can use your hands, fingers, knuckles, a shower head, running water, vibrators, rubbing up against an object, anything that will stimulate the clitoris with repetitive motion. By using your fingers or hand, you can rub, stroke or softly pinch the clitoris. You can also rub the area around the clitoris and you may find that one side is preferred over another.

The shower massager head can be wonderful too. The shower head where you can adjust the stream of water, a steady, gentle stream and then a more powerful jet spray can be quite exciting. Make sure to avoid getting the water spraying directly into the vaginal opening as this is not a healthy thing to do.

Holding a vibrator up against your clitoris is the way to feel the maximum amount of intense stimulation most quickly. Some women have found it so easy to climax with a vibrator that they can have an orgasm in less than a minute. Clitoral vibrators come with many different features. Just make sure to get one that is nontoxic like the ones we sell on

G-Spot Stimulation

If you can locate your g-spot and can manipulate and stimulate it with your fingers, using them to apply pressure to it can be a great technique to enhance orgasmic pleasure. Sometimes using pillows, a bed headboard or even a bath tub to push yourself into a position with your legs open can provide easier access to reach up inside your vagina. Many women also find it easier to use curved sex toy designed to easily stimulate the g-spot.

There are many sex toys out there that are specifically made to locate and stimulate the g-spot and those are simply called g-spot vibrators and dildos. There are also dual action vibrators such as  Rabbit Vibrators like those featured on Sex and the City; a vibrator that is designed to stimulate the g-spot and the clitoris simultaneously.

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Anastasia said...

Self pleasuring can indeed be a great way for both men and women to get to know their bodies, women wishing or starting to use vibrator/sex toys may want to consider choosing silicone ones, as this is non-toxic and will not absorb bacteria, moisture or odors

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