Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gyrating Rockin Enhancer 3 Review

Gyrating Rockin' Enhancer 3

by Cal Exotics
3.5 Star Rating (out of 5)

The Gyration Sensations™ vibrator provides 10 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation along with gyrations (meaning it rocks back and forth slightly). It can be used with a partner or for solo use and has a state-of-the-art memory chip that resumes the last function used. The ring is made from silicone and the controller from ABS Plastic. 

The Gyrating Rockin Enhancer 3 is very powerful and ranks a 4 out of 5 when it comes to vibration levels despite only using 2 AA batteries. As for noise levels it ranks about a 2 out of 5, meaning that you can hear in the same room but it is a very soft sound and is not noticeable when more than 5 feet away.

The Gyrating Rockin's Enhancer 3 is very soft and easily fits on any man to accommodate his penis. It can also be used on a dildo or by itself for clitoral stimulation. The available colors are fun and make for a pleasant appearance that is female and couples friendly. 

The product lost a point in our review process as the cord connects to the controller with a jack. We are not quite sure why it is designed that way since it has to be connected for it to work. It does not aid much in cleaning (although it can ensure you do not get the controller wet if you disconnect it)  and leaves it prone to pulling out when in use; especially since it has a short cord and is designed to worn as a cockring during thrusting. 

We also deducted a half a point for the size. The Gyrating Rockin's Enhancer 3 is quite large and is much larger than your average vibrating cockring, which means that it more cumbersome for a male to wear and we were not sure why the ring was designed to be so wide as it really does not provide any additional stimulation to either partner. Also the bullet is quite large and considering the slim line bullets that are available now with the same level of power, we were not sure why a smaller one was not used in the design.

Overall it is a sexually pleasing product that offers those that enjoy strong power and a unique gyration feature a fun sex toy to use. It is made with nontoxic materials and is latex free. We recommend using a waterbased lubricant with it (avoiding oil or silicone lubricants) and simply washing the silicone sleeve with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner, taking care not to get the controller wet.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Omazing Platinum Rabbit Reviews

We were recently asked about a product called the Omazing Platinum Rabbit as the customer had said that they found that a review on that made the product sound exceptional and they wanted to know what we thought of it. We were not familiar with the Omazing Platinum Rabbit so we did a little research and this is what we found. 

Omazing Platinum Rabbit Reviews-

The reviews (not from retailers selling and promoting the product) that we found on the Omazing Platinum Rabbit all linked back to the same review which appears that it was authored by the manufacturer (or distributor) as the URL is part of their domain. It almost looks like it is an independent blog, but we found that you can easily see that the URL is indicating that it is off of the same domain-
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Here is the domain-

Here is the review page under the term (Rabbit Vibrator Reviews - Omazing Platinum Rabbit)-

The confusion here is that the latter page infers it is an independent reviewer and not affiliated with the manufacturer. They also claim to review many toys from a variety of sex toy retailers, yet oddly there are no other reviews, just one review for the Omazing Platinum Rabbit. If this was an unbiased review site, one would think there would be other positive product reviews listed, let alone other sex toy reviews.

The reviewer who goes by the name Sarah P. who claims to have used dozens of rabbit vibrators, meaning at least 24 different vibrators. She goes on to list her top three, the best being the Omazing Platinum Rabbit. However, what is strange is that of the top three choices she gives the other two only 2 and 3 stars when comparing it to the Omazing Platinum Rabbit; which of course gets 5 stars according to her and is listed as the least expensive with a great deal of promotional perks mentioned unlike the others she lists which we will get into shortly.

One of the most glaring issues we had with this 'review' is that while there are many rabbit vibrators on the market that are not the best, we know of at least 10 that would warrant 5 star ratings and if we listed our top three choices they would all be getting 5 stars. Why would you claim that you are showing the "best of the best" but give them only 2 or 3 star ratings?

Most importantly though, we found that the main site to buy the product claims that the Omazing Platinum Rabbit is "made from Poly vinyl chloride. The same material that most "jelly" sex toys are made of." 

The term Polyvinyl Chloride is better known as PVC. The problem is they do not indicate if it is food grade because if it is not then it can contain toxins such as phthalates, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), organotins, lead, cadmium and other metals. It would behoove them to let their consumers know if it is food grade or not and especially if it is phthalates free. The fact that they compare it to most jelly toys indicates that it may be Polyvinyl Chloride with added softening agents. These Jelly / rubber sex toys often contain phthalates, which is a chemical used to soften plastics that has been shown to be linked to several environmental and individual health issues. 

Part of why they might be offering the free storage bag with it is because the Jelly material is a highly porous surface which  can absorb anything it comes in contact with so if it touches another sex toy it may melt a bit.

The review on the Omazing Platinum Rabbit is interesting as it is supposedly comparing it to the "three best rabbit vibrators on the market" which includes itself and the Vibratex's Rabbit Habit. In the review, they state it retails for $90.00 on Babeland (one of the more expensive listings on the Internet for this product as we retail it for $64.99) but oddly they provide a bad link to it.

The interesting thing about comparing it to the Rabbit Habit and the other rabbit they compare (which is the waterproof Jack Rabbit by California Exotics) is that they are much older sex toys and the review is showing it was done in January 2013. In fact, the waterproof Jack Rabbit by California Exotics they say retails on Drugstore for $48.99 is actually priced for $39.99. We were confused why they would compare it to older model sex toys. Why not some of the newer rabbits on the market? 

In addition, the rabbit sex toys they are reviewing are not the top of the line rabbit vibrators by any means even by the same manufacturer.  Have that not heard about the Jopen line (owned by California Exotics) or the LELO line just to name a couple of the top brands? 

It would seem that if you are going to compare the best, then one would compare the top of the line products in that category right? Even if you were going to compare rabbit vibrator reviews in the same class, why would you not pick the most current models. For example Vibratex's most current Rabbit Vibrator is the Sweet G and retails for $67.40 and California Exotic's latest model in the same class is the Silicone Jack Rabbit which retails for $68.99.

Also, reviews that claim that there is only one best Rabbit Vibrator for everyone are really not being fair to consumers. There are several aspects that one must consider-
  1. Size - not all women want the same sized shaft in length or width.
  2. Power - some rabbit vibrators offer different levels of power and some women want strong vibrations while others want moderate.
  3. Functions - One must ask themselves if they want something that rotates or thrusts. Also, if they do want something that rotates, do they want a smooth shaft or one with beads? Some women find the beads irritating, while others love the added stimulation.
  4. Rechargeable vs. Battery Powered- This is a big factor in cost. Rabbit vibrators often go through batteries quickly so we recommend that if you get one you invest in getting some rechargeable batteries. If you do not want to deal with batteries then rechargeable is a very luxurious way to go but you will see a jump in price as the technology used to create these products is much more advanced. Rechargeable rabbit vibrators typically have a lot more features such as travel locks to keep them from going off when you do not want them too as well as vibration modes, escalations and pulses.
  5. Material - Because we specialize in only phthalate free sex toys we do not carry jelly sex toys, but there are many materials that are phthalate free such as food grade elastomers, and TPR silicone blends. However, the best material is 100% medical grade silicone and  it is what we most recommend as it is nonporous will not harbor bacteria and is easy to clean. It is also soft and smooth to the touch, not to mention extremely durable. However, because medical grade silicone is a more expensive material you will see an increased cost for those sex toys made with it.  

The bottom line on Rabbit Vibrator reviews is that they are a lot like cars. If you are going to do a review on a brand new Toyota Camry then why would you compare it to a 1989 Honda Accord? The truth is that like cars, sex toys have different makes, models and classes. It is not to say that a less expensive sex toy is going to be less pleasing or not last as long, but you have to better understand as a consumer why LELO sex toys (similar to Lexus) is going to be in a completely different class than Evolved (similar to Mazda). 

Also, make sure that when you are reading reviews you question who is writing it and why because in the case of the Omazing Platinum Rabbit we did not find anything that made us believe that it was really independently reviewed or the best rabbit vibrator around.

One last word of warning when buying a sex toy. In the Omazing Platinum Rabbit review it was mentioned that you should always go with a company that takes returns and stands behind their products. While you should always go with a company that is an authorized dealer and who will back up any defects or broken products with a store warranty; you should not do business with a company that will take returns because you changed your mind about the color or some other superficial reason. 

Think about it, what do you think they do with those returns? Many companies resell them which means that you may be buying a used sex toy and just from the standpoint of STD prevention, we would highly recommend you avoid that. In the business of sex toys due to the nature of the products you are buying you should insist for health reasons to only do business with companies that have your health and welfare in mind.

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