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Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is more common now than ever and is on the rise in part due to increased health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and even the use of commonly used prescription medications. The most important thing a man can do if he has ongoing symptoms of ED is to get a physical exam to rule out any possible health conditions that may need medical attention.

The popular treatment to address ED these days is through the prescription drug Viagra, however, it only works in 2/3rds of men who use it and can cause undesirable side effects. Other traditional medical solutions are: Penile Prosthesis (Implants) as well as Injection or Insertion Therapy, which is the procedure of using a drug that is inserted directly into the penis with a syringe or a pellet (inserted into the urethra).

Alternative remedies for erectile dysfunction

The two most widely accepted alternative treatments for ED are: nutritional supplements and acupuncture. The most common supplements are Ginkgo biloba, arginine (an amino acid), zinc, flaxseed oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, DHEA and bioflavonoids. 

Acupuncture typically uses fine needles on the stomach (just below the navel) to treat ED and often integrates Chinese herbs. It has been shown to be quite effective, however, make sure to only use a licensed acupuncturist and if you are taking medications have them speak with your physician about how to best work with those medications while taking any herbal remedies.

Vacuum erection devices 

One of the most common approaches to dealing with Erectile Dysfunction beyond Viagra is using a Vacuum Erection Device (penis pump). These pumps use a vacuum suction to fill the penis with blood allowing for an erection and they range in price from about $20 to over $200 depending on the functions they offer. They are also known for making any man more firm and in some cases slightly larger; however, one must be careful to follow the instructions of a pump to avoid causing tissue damage which can be caused by not using it properly or too often. 

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Penis pumps are best used in conjunction with a penis ring that goes around the base of the penis and helps to hold the blood in the shaft after the erection is achieved. Vibrating rings can also provide additional circulation of blood and improve sexual performance. To learn more about these, see this helpful guide regarding penis rings-

Some men find that using these devices helps them to get through a temporary ED problem and in some cases prevents it from happening again as it helps improve blood flow and prevents stagnation.

Hollow extensions

For those men who are unable to achieve an erection, hollow penis extensions that can be worn with a harness are an option for those seeking sexual intimacy with their partner. These extensions allow a man to be flaccid inside of the extension while using it. There are some that have vibrators in them to provide stimulation to both the man using it and his partner.
Choosing a hollow penis extension involves determining the right size harness, the right extension to suit both his needs as well as his partners. In addition, it is important to ensure that the product chosen is made from safe, nontoxic materials. 

For more information on this see this helpful penis extension guide-

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