Sunday, September 18, 2016

True Erotic Stories

True Erotic Stories
If you have ever wanted to read more about what other people do inside and outside the bedroom, make sure to read some of our extremely arousing true erotic stories.

These stories are submitted by people just like you; in fact, you can submit your own true sex story to us and we will review it for publication on our website where millions of readers can see your own sexual adventures. 

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Things To Consider BEFORE Buying A Hollow Dildo

Erectile Dysfunction Prosthetic Penis
We receive a great deal of questions about what options are available for erectile dysfunction (ED) and that is why we would first really encourage you to read this article that we put together on such products so that you are better educated about what to expect-

If you read our article you will learn that one of the issues that couples have with hollow dildos is that they tend to be quite large on the outside because they have to accommodate men on the inside. This means that the dildos are all going to be on the larger side of almost 2 inches in diameter. Because most women prefer about 1.5 inches in diameter these hollow dildos are often found to be too large for them to enjoy as much as they and their partner had hoped. 

Size is subjective so we cannot really say if the larger size will work for you as some couples really like them, but we wanted to give you a heads up on this so that you are educated and empowered to make the best choice for you and your partner.

The larger size of the dildo is why we offer a two hole harness that is specifically for men who have ED. It is called the Spareparts Deuce and what makes this harness so pleasing and comfortable for couples is that it allows a man to go through one hole so that he can still have skin to skin contact with his partner. The reason we mention this is because a hollow dildo will not allow this, in fact, it completely cuts a man off from his partner and provides him with no movement or stimulation at all. They are typically rigid inside and have nothing in them to stimulate him. Whereas the two hole harness allows him to be able to receive stimulation by rubbing against his partner and feel their arousal.

In addition, the two hole harness allows you to use any dildo that your desire that has a flared base and is harness compatible. This means that you can choose the color, shape and size of the dildo so that it is comfortable and pleasurable for the receiver of it. The most popular dildos for couples who use the two hole harness are our Tantus line where you can choose the color, style, shape and size that is right for you-

If you have never bought a dildo before, make sure to read our "How to Choose a Dildo" article to help you determine what features are things you will want for yourself based on your own preferences-

There are only two styles of the two hole harnesses and we have them both which I will link for you below-

The Spareparts Deuce is the most popular of them and it is an outstanding, comfortable, durable harness that will accommodate most any dildo-

If you still wish to go the hollow dildo route, our hollow dildos are below and have all the dimensions of each one with reviews and more information here-

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Are 3d Printed Sex Toys Safe?

3D Sex Toy Blueprints & Templates
With 3D printing becoming a bigger trend more and more people are exploring the creativity of what unique items they can print. One such creative thought many are having is to print 3D sex toys. 

In fact, there are websites that offer free 3D sex toy designs but the question remains are 3D sex toys safe to use and the answer is no they are not.

Learn what it takes to make a safe sex toy as well as why 3D sex toys are not safe to use through this helpful article-

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Goop Lube Review- Avoiding Toxic Lubricants

In an interview with Chelsea Handler, Gwyneth Paltrow (who owns is promoting a well-known nontoxic lubricant called Sliquid almost as if her Goop team discovered it and as if it is the only paraben free, organic option on the market. In addition, in her interview she made it sound like all other lubricants are toxic. 

However, this is simply not true. Sliquid has been on the market for a number of years and there are many nontoxic lubricant options on the market including natural ones you can make yourself. Perhaps it is because she is not a sexual health expert but what she said about this is kind of misleading. While we think it is great that this has finally gotten some media attention at this level (mostly brought up by the wonderful Netflix show Grace and Frankie through the discussion of natural yam lubricant) this is nothing new.

We have been educating consumers about toxins found in sex toys and personal lubricants for over 16 years through our free articles and guides. In addition, we also provide some of the best nontoxic, paraben free, phthalate free, organic options on the market today. 

We have also seen many women comment about this interview online stating that organic coconut oil is the only lubricant to use and while we also promote that as a healthy option, using oils can cause problems for people using condoms, diaphragms and certain sex toys as the oils can break down the materials and cause them to degrade. That is why water based and aloe based lubricants may be a better alternative for some women. 

If you want to get educated and empowered when it comes to sexual health products such as sex toys, lubes and more then make sure to check out our many free articles, guides and tutorials on how to choose sexual products that provide the latest in health and pleasure-

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Grace and Frankie: Sex Toys, Vibrators, Yam Lube & More

Grace and Frankie- Sex, Aging, Sex Toys, Vibrator, Yam Lube & More
Grace and Frankie
Spoiler Alert- Grace and Frankie is an incredibly funny yet heartfelt show on Netflix and stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as Grace and Frankie who are starting to open up dialog about sexual health and wellness issues and products on the show.  This is of course a breath of fresh air as too often issues such as toxins in sexual products such as parabens in personal lubricantsphthalates in sex toys, damage to the environment and the topic of sex and aging are neglected by the media.

In the final episode of Season Two "The Coup" it looks like Grace and Frankie will be starting a sex toy business where they will be exploring products that will focus on making sexual pleasure easier for women as they age as well as addressing medical issues and disabilities such as arthritis.  This idea comes to them shortly after Jane Fonda's character Grace uses a fictional vibrator called the Kabashi Joystick (which mimics many of the vibrating wands available today) and finds that her arthritis begins to act up during use. 

The episode is certainly humorous when Grace remarks that the vibrator looks like a microphone and Lily Tomlin's character Frankie indicates "It will make you sing."   Upon using it Grace says that while her arthritis was acting up as she was trying to hold it that despite the discomfort she was able to "play through". 

The discussions in this second season of Grace and Frankie are long overdue in a show as most tend to focus on superficial sexuality whereas here sexual health issues as well as environment and animal rights are addressed.  For example, in the episodes where Frankie signs a contract with Brianna Hanson (played by June Diane Raphael), who runs Grace's cosmetic company to license out her yam lube formula, there is a bit of conflict that brings up some well needed discussions about personal lubricants. 

This conflict addresses the well-known health problems with parabens in personal lubricants, the importance of products maintaining a long shelf-life while still being healthy, appealing to consumers and being eco and animal friendly.  Frankie tries to get them to use other oils such as jojoba and rapeseed oil but is met with refusal and ends up giving up on trying to change the mind of Brianna who insists on using palm oil which negatively impacts the rainforest and the orangutans along with other animals that reside there.

As a company that specializes in sexual health we were actually hoping that hemp seed oil would have been mentioned as an alternative considering that it is cost-effective, healthy, eco-friendly and the character Frankie seems to rather enjoy using cannabis quite a bit.  Perhaps this will be something they will explore in season three as it addresses the need for hemp to be legalized in the USA and the importance of increasing use of it in products to benefit consumer health and the environment as well as provide a solid profit margin for companies that use it.

We are so pleased to see the show address sex for seniors which is often ignored and we are eager to see the types of products that may be introduced in the next season.  Perhaps they will explore helpful sexual suggestions for seniors such as remote control sex toys that make using them hands free or using sex toy pillows that hold sex toys in place while you use them. 

Of course it would also be great to see them discuss the need for Kegel exercise for pelvic floor strength to reduce urinary incontinence and some of the very cool new electro-stimulation sex toys that help women do that. They may even get to show off things like the new Kegel exerciser the LELO Smart Bead that is like a Fitbit® for your vagina!   Perhaps even dilators that help women who have pain during sex will be addressed. The possibilities are endless and we are already quite eager to see what these comedic goddesses will educate women about in the next season.

We are excited to see a show embracing those issues that have long been important to our own mission through our national association for professionals- The National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality -  It is here that we have worked hard to create a worldwide Safe Sexual Products Campaign for those in the sexual products industry to work together in order to create safer products for consumers as well as for the environment.

Our hope is that such discussions in a show as well done as Grace and Frankie is written and performed will make the public aware of sexual issues that are not often discussed such as sex and aging, sexual products and their impact on the environment as well as the toxins that are still in many sexual products.

It is certainly long overdue that consumers better understand the need for choosing and supporting companies that are not just eco-friendly but sell only nontoxic sex toys and lubricants such as After all, we owe it to ourselves to not just enjoy the pleasure of sex throughout life well into our golden years but to take care of our bodies and the earth as we do.

*For those of you wondering, there is no such thing as an FDA approved yam lubricant and there is a reason for that. Learn more here-


Saturday, April 30, 2016

Painful Sex: How to Overcome It

For Women: If sex has become painful for you, we hope that you will find this article helpful as there are some new resources and information that may be able to help you heal and allow you to enjoy sex. Here is some of what is covered: "There are some chronic vaginal pain issues such as through vulvodynia and vulvar vestibulitis that are often dismissed by physicians as symptoms of menopause and psychological problems when in fact they are not and many times women are not given solutions that are helpful let alone a factual explanation for what is happening. This article will provide some information that is not commonly reviewed due to the lack of interest in giving women's sexuality the study and attention it deserves." Read More Here-

Friday, March 25, 2016

Sex Toys: Toxins, Chemical Melting & More

Sex Toys Melting After 5 Months
Make sure to check out our article in regard to toxins found in sex toys as well as how to properly store them to avoid chemical melting. Also learn what lubricants to use with different sex toy materials. 

See our article-
Sex Toys: Toxins, Chemical Melting & More