Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tiani 2 by LELO - Review

First, there was the We-Vibe by the Standard Innovation Corporation, which presented itself as the first couple’s vibrator that could be worn during sex as well as for solo masturbation for women. It was low in power and was eventually discontinued as many women found it too low. They later released the We-Vibe 2, which had more power.

However, in a market that is very competitive, the sex toy company LELO came out with a vibrator that went beyond the We-Vibe 2 allowing consumers to see a different design with some more advanced features, such as a remote control up to 39 feet and power that surpassed the We-Vibe 2 through a sex toy called the Tiani.

Shortly after the Tiani was released by LELO, the We-Vibe 3 was released and while it was more powerful than the original We-Vibe and the We-Vibe 2, it was similar in power to the Tiani. However, it did not seem to fair as well as it did not have as much range with only 10 feet versus the Tiani, which had a 39 foot range. The Tiani by LELO took over as the leading vibrator for couples who enjoyed using it during sex, but also used it as a panty vibrator that allowed them to use it alone or in public for sexual experiences that no one around them knew was going on. What was most impressive about the Tiani was that it had a remote that could be controlled with just a flick of the wrist as it had technology that allowed for some of the most advanced functioning out there.

The only consistent complaint that consumers had about both the We-Vibes and the Tiani were that sometimes, they would move around during sexual intercourse. Decreasing lubrication around the contact points and in some cases using crotchless panties allowed that to decrease. However, most couples reported really enjoying these products overall.

Now, the Tiani 2 has been released and it is not only available through our Holistic Wisdom website, but is on sale. The Tiani II has 50% more power than the original Tiani and yet remains very quiet. The Tiani Two also now comes with an added attachment that is slightly wider, reduces the issue of moving around and it provides increased stimulation and pressure on her gspot, while giving the clitoris outstanding performance with multiple speeds and functions.

Make sure you check out the Tiani 2 to see one of the most luxurious sex toys on the market today.

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