Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fifty Shades Sex Toy Rush & Scams

There is a Fifty Shades sex toy invasion happening and it is like nothing we have ever seen. Products mentioned in the books are flying off the shelves so fast that instead of having to have 50 of a particular item in stock in our warehouses, we have to have over 3,000 in stock just to meet the demands. It has been an amazing phenomenon and we are certainly glad that there is an interest in such products. However, we hope that customers will not just buy things without really understanding their options because an educated consumer is an empowered person.

Not all sex toys are alike; some offer more bells and whistles through luxury sex toys, while others help one stay within a budget (sex toys under $25), while still offering a quality product. We offer only nontoxic sexual products that are made by reputable manufacturers and we even have a three strikes rule, which means that if a product gets three bad reviews, we pull it. We do this as we don’t want to waste our customer’s time, money and trust on something that will let them down.

The main problems we have had reported to us, are those customers that come to us after being taken advantage of from an unethical sex toy store. We have had people contacting us telling us that after they purchase a sex toy from another company they find out that it contains toxins or that it was four times the cost or that the sex toy store would not honor a return even if it arrived broken or defective. We have even heard of some sex toy stores selling used sex toys.

For example, one customer said that she purchased an item for $70 when we charge $36.99 and have a price match guarantee. Then, when they opened the package, the contents poured out in pieces and the store would not take it back or issue a refund. We had another customer say that they gave them their information and then they started getting porn sent to their email and fliers sent to their house. The worst complaints are when we hear from customers that tell us that it was clear that another sex toy store sold them something used with reports of pubic hair or worse on the sex toy.

Therefore, we want to let consumers know that while it is great that you may be considering becoming more sexually adventurous with sensual products, please make sure you are dealing with a reputable company when you purchase them.

Below are articles that we have put together to help consumers better understand what they should look for when doing business with a sex toy store and buying a sex toy. After all, as we always say... education means empowerment. See articles here-

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Myworld said...

It's amazing the amount of pull this book has. It's everywhere so I am not surprised the toys mentioned in it are flying off the shelf. I couldn't read it for than more than five minutes myself without wanting to scream but hey, to each his own.

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