Friday, June 29, 2012

Ride H2O Dude Lube by Sliquid Review

Men are often neglected when it comes to safe, nontoxicsexual health products. For a long time, it seemed that manufacturers just did not think that men cared about their health enough to concern themselves with it. However, we can tell you that with the amount of men that have had battles with testicular cancer, prostate cancer and even fertility issues that contact us daily there is concern.

Parabens in personal lubricants that men use can decrease sperm cell count and spur the development of cancer. That is why we encourage men to use only nontoxic, paraben free lubricants.

One of the biggest concerns for men regarding lubricant tends to be how long it lasts. As Waterbased lubricants are typically not long lasting, men often use oil and silicone based lubricants

The problem with using these is that they can break down many of the sex toys that men use for masturbation. They can also interfere with condoms as well as cause health problems for their partners when used internally.

That is why the new thick, Waterbased gel by Sliquid called Ride H2O – Dude Lube is such a nice choice as it addresses the desire for something that is nontoxic, long lasting and won’t cause damage to sex toys or health issues with partners.

Learn more about Ride H2O by Sliquid – Dude Lube and how to purchase it.

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