Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Fifty Shades Influence on Erotic Stories and Sex Toys

Erotic stories have long been loved by many readers, although many times they were divided into two categories- Romance or Porn. Sometimes, they fell in-between into the category of Erotica, and nothing is more evident than that through the Fifty Shades book series by E.L. James. Upon reading this type of literature more women and even men are realizing that a healthy sexual appetite in their reading is also desirable in the real lives.

Like never before, women and men are buying the sex toys in this book and at times we have found ourselves running out of stock on items that have never been low before. Since the Fifty Shades books popularity has grown, we have had to order even larger shipments of sex toy to our warehouses to keep up the huge demand.

What we have found is delighted women and their partners all over the world realizing that a little healthy, erotic fantasy can provide inspiration for creativity through masturbation and sex with a partner in ways that they had never considered before. It has increased the desire for better sex education on sexual techniques and a hunger for more erotic stories to delight readers. Fun, fantasy and creativity are always a plus in the bedroom and there are many ways to explore that.

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