Friday, October 5, 2012

LELO Ina 2 Review

These days anyone who knows anything about sex toys knows about the company that makes the 'Lexus of Sex Toys' – LELO. Their sex toys revolutionized the adult novelty industry by providing some of the most appealing sex toys for women from their beautiful artistic designs to their lovely packaging. When the LELO INA came out on the market, many women loved it and it has had a strong 4 out of 5 star rating when it comes to overall satisfaction. 

However, now LELO has gone and done it again with the INA 2 which is now making a mark with a 5 out of 5 stars with our customers. However, this time, they gave it an injection of power that is causing women to orgasm not just within a very short amount of time, but multiple times. Can we say we have lift off? 

The power in the new LELO INA 2 is 100% stronger than the original INA and remains pretty quiet for discreet use. In addition the power, LELO listened to consumer feedback about the shaft being a bit on the short side and elongated it while making the clitoral stimulator more flexible and able to nestle on top of the clitoris with a most wonderful and satisfying location. 

Another change to the new LELO INA 2 is the added functions. Instead of 6 various functions, it now offers 8 -

•  Constant vibration in both motors - clitoral stimulator and shaft.
•  Constant vibration only from the head of the shaft.
•  Strong vibration only in the clitoral stimulator.
•  Alternating pulsating vibrations between the clitoral vibrator and the head of the shaft.
•  Pulsing vibration in both motors.
•  Surging vibration in both motors from low to high.
•  Surging vibration, alternating between both motors low to high.
•  This setting is various vibration patterns from pulsing and surging / fast to slow, in various strengths.

Of course the INA 2 has all the typical LELO bells and whistles being that it is rechargeable, wireless, made with medical grade silicone and is travel friendly. It comes with an antimicrobial pouch and the standard 1 year warranty for all LELO products

The next question is where to get the INA 2 on sale? Not a problem, we have you covered there. 

Learn more about the new LELO INA 2, see a video, read customer reviews and get it on sale here.

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