Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thrill by We-Vibe Review

Thrill by We-Vibe / Standard Innovation Corp.
The Standard Innovation Corporation, makers of the We-Vibe, has just created a new vibrator made just for women called the Thrill. This lovely sex toy is designed to be used to stimulate a woman’s clitoris and gspot simultaneously and can be used by her alone or by a partner on her. 

What makes the Thrill vibrator different than other sex toys is the scientific design to provide the perfect positioning while allowing for comfort of use. The ergonomic handle makes the Thrill vibrator easy to hold and thrust in and out for orgasmic penetration. 

With most rabbit designs, the base is sometimes difficult to hold on to and can cause the hand to cramp or feel fatigued. The new Thrill sex toy is designed to eliminate that stress. 

In addition, the Thrill has a flexible neck which makes it easy to adjust and provide a soft yet firm penetrating gspot vibrator while the handle provides powerful clitoral stimulation. It is also rechargeable and waterproof with 8 different vibration functions making this a product that offers all the bells and whistles. 

This highly anticipated vibrator by We-Vibe is now available, just in time for Black Friday sales for Christmas. The ruby red color is also not just sensual but appealing for the holiday season and is sure to be one of the top selling adult gifts on the market. 

Orders are already available along with a video presentation and more information to assist customers in better understanding how the Thrill works through Considering how fast the Thrill is expected to fly off shelves this holiday season and with the surge in sales due to the Fifty Shades sex toy sales, it is definitely best to purchase one early this year if you plan on giving it as a sensual Christmas gift. 

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