Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gspot Lollipop Review

The Gspot Lollipop is an interesting sex toy as it looks like a lollipop with two ends or even a tongue piercing barbell. What makes them so effective is the pressure that they put on the gspot

Many people often think that rubbing the gspot will provide the most sexual stimulation, but it is pressure up and into the gspot area that is the most effective not only at bringing pleasure but also in providing delicious orgasms and even female ejaculation

Women who have used the Gspot Lollipop find it to be unlike any dildo that they have tried as it is something that provides pinpoint pressure. Most women find the larger size to be the most effective in contributing to female ejaculation; however, there is a smaller size for women that are not ready for the larger ball.

The most important aspect of this product is the insertion and extraction. To insert you simply spin the ball once it is lubricated into the vaginal opening and then you are able to thrust and push against the gspot. What happens after orgasm is that the pelvic floor muscles (A.K.A. Kegel muscles) actually wrap around the ball of the Gspot Lollipop making removal a bit tricky if you try an pull it straight out, especially after a very strong orgasm. By rolling and spinning the Gspot Lollipop easily comes out.

If you are a woman that is looking for something that goes beyond your average gspot stimulation, the Gspot Lollipop is a great sex toy to enjoy. 

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