Friday, October 12, 2012

Gigolos Show Increases Sales for Make Your Own Dildo Kits

When Gigolos star Nick Hawk, from the hit show on Showtime, showed just  how easy it is to make a dildo, thousands of men wanted to do the same and started calling sex toy manufacturer California Exotics to see if they too could have one made. However, unless you are an A-list porn star or a celebrity, your chances of having a sex toy manufacturer make a replica of your penis to sell all over the world is simply not going to happen. 

However, there is a way to make an exact mold of your penis through an easy to use kit. Men who want to make one for a lover are the most popular consumers of these kits. However, some strippers and gigolos make them to sell exact replicas of their penis to their customers. 

There is only one manufacturer of these kits and they make two types. The first type is called the Make Your Own Dildo kit (MYOD) and this allows for a replica of both the penis and testicles with or without a vibrator. 

The 2nd type of kit is called the Clone A Willy kit (CAW) and this type makes only a mold of the penis shaft with the option of a variety of features from a nontoxic, latex free rubber in a variety of flesh tones to more wild options such as hot pink, glow in the dark, edible chocolate, candles and even soap that you can use in the shower.

The casts from these make a dildo kits are so precise that they capture every vein and ridge. They are available for all men to purchase and they make great intimate gifts for lovers and even gag gifts between friends.

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