Friday, February 22, 2013

Sex Toys & Lies

It has come to our attention that in order to compete with our company's  focus on healthy sex toys and lubricants that some sex toy party representatives and sex toy retailers are telling people that they also sell all phthalate free sex toys and paraben free products when it turns out that many of their products actually do contain phthalates and parbens. In short, they are lying to their customers.

Just recently, we had a customer of ours post a flattering remark about our company on Facebook. She explained how she preferred to buy products from our company as we specialize in nontoxic sex toys and lubricants. A sex toy party representative (from one of the largest sex toy party companies in the world) saw this as an opportunity to try and promote their own products, so they commented on the post claiming that their products were also paraben free and linked to her assigned website through the sex toy party company that she represents.

We found the comment rather amusing as they did not even know how to spell paraben (they spelled it parabin) and we realized that they were most likely unaware that the products they sell through their sex toy party company do contain parabens.

Out of concern that she was misleading consumers, we messaged her that she was not correct in stating that the lubricants she sells through the sex toy party company were paraben free. As a professional courtesy, we told her of our FREE site for sexual health professionals ( to give her educational resources to help empower her and her consumers.

She continued to insist that her party company products were paraben free and demanded that we give her an example. As most of the lubricants listed on her assigned site from the party company that she is a representative for do contain parabens, it was pretty easy to give her examples so we did. 

After seeing this, she then said that she did not recommend those particular products and that there was a new line that they were promoting and that was what she recommended to her customers (which she again claimed was paraben free). We politely told her that she was mistaken and that the new line that she was recommending to consumers did contain parabens. She then told us she would send us a link to what she was talking about, but it was too late as we already verified that it indeed contained parabens. 

To help her, we told her that she could easily identify parabens in the products by simply looking at the ingredients as they are listed at the end of the word. For example, commonly used parabens include methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben.

Learning this she then contacted the customer that had made the post on Facebook telling them to take the entire post down as it was slander for them to state a preference of one company over another in the first place (which is not the legal definition of slander, nor had the customer done anything wrong). The post was then deleted by the customer to avoid any further nagging from the sex toy company representative.

Clearly, this sex toy party representative was embarrassed to learn that she was wrong and that she is actually selling products with parabens and other known toxins in them while making claims to customers that are untrue. 

We understand that many of the sex toy retail customer service representatives and sex toy party representatives simply do not know any better, however, we believe that this kind of thing is going on more than it should. Therefore, if you know anyone that is not aware of common toxins in sex toys please refer them to our sites so that they can be better informed. This is a matter of making healthy choices not just for our sexual health and pleasure, but for our health in general.

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