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Fifty Shades Game Review

  • Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game Review
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Game: Expansion Pack Red Room Edition Review

FiftyShades of Grey Party Game
With the wild women of the world finding excitement in “mommy porn” through the erotic fiction book series Fifty Shades by the British author E. L. James there is now a game to make a girl’s night in or out even more fun. The Fifty Shades game is fast becoming one of the most popular bachelorette party games as well as for birthday celebrations and more. 

There has been some confusion about the 50 Shades game as to what the difference is between the Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game is and the Expansion Pack Red Room Edition so let’s start with that first.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game is primarily designed as either a standalone game where you ask “Vanilla” sexual questions and play a guessing game that is kind of like a who know who best approach. The Expansion Pack Red Room Edition is an add on to the Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game so it is best to get both and start with the Vanilla questions and then move into the more risqué Red Room game questions. 

ExpansionPack Red Room Edition 
The games are easy to play and are designed primarily for women but can be played with couples. The questions are based on the books and actually approved by the Fifty Shades Book series author E. L. James.

Because the game is based on how well you know someone it really is best played with friends with whom you are close to and not strangers as it may be somewhat awkward as an icebreaker to be sharing such personal sexual information. 

However, if you have friends that you know are up for a good time that include a truth or dare kind of energy then these games are great fun. 

To learn more as well as buy the Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game, make sure to visit as they are offering them on sale and you can easily buy both games together and have a really cool Fifty Shade Resource Center with free vibrators when you buy the books.-

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