Friday, July 20, 2012

Surprise Someone with a Sex Toy?

Being creative in the bedroom is often a fun way for couples to experience sexual intimacy. However, if you have ever considered surprising your lover with a sex toy, especially if they have never tried one, can be tricky. 

Obviously the goal is to make both of you happy and the last thing you want to do is upset them or make them feel like you do not understand their needs. Yet giving a sex toy can also show your lover a spark of sexual adventure and be a very big turn on. 

If you need suggestions on how and what to buy when it comes to a sex toy or other sensual product, then check out this article for more information-

Tips & Suggestions for Buying a Sex Toy as a Surprise


sex toys philippines said...

I could relate to this post very much. I’ve been thinking about giving my girlfriend a vibrator or a dildo as a Christmas gift but I’m afraid that she won’t like it.

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