Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hydromax Hydropump Reviews

Hydromax Hydropumps X30 and X40
The Hydromax Hydropumps X30 and X40 are sold under the premise that they can help a man last longer during sex, assist with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and increase penis size, but do they really work?

The Premise- 

They are designed to be used in either the shower or bath and fill up with water creating a suction that pulls blood into the penis making the penis longer and wider.  

Men who have used the original indicated that the base was too firm and hurt when they would push inward to create the suction, however, men who have used the X30 and X40 versions are indicating that the fit is much more comfortable that previous models. 

Learn more about the differences in the models and read Hydromax Hydropump Reviews.

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