Monday, May 6, 2013

Gigolos on Showtime Features Nick Hawk Doll

Nick Hawk At Your Service Blow Up Doll
On Season 4, Episode 3 of Showtime’s Gigolos, Nick Hawk had his new blow-up doll shown. California Exotic Novelties (CalExotics), has partnered with Showtime’s Nick Hawk, to create a sex toy line and had sent him samples before the product was released to the public in order to show him what it would be like. Brace brought it over to the other cast members of Gigolos for closer inspection of the new Nick Hawk sex doll. The group found it rather funny to critique it and Vin Armani in particular had some amusing comments to make about the doll. 

Vin indicated that because the Nick Hawk “At Your Service” blow-up doll has an anal opening for penetration and the blow up penis cannot be used as a dildo that it was more for gay men or a novelty, which is true. The penis that is on the doll has a seam on it that would keep the product from safely being inserted vaginally or anally for that matter. The only way a woman would really get satisfaction from the Nick Hawk doll would be to put the Nick Hawk dildo on it, which can be used vaginally if you strap it on to the doll. 

If you get the chance you should check out the show ‘On Demand’ as Vin’s comments are quite droll and certainly a jab at the ego of Nick Hawk if he thought that women would be using his sex doll to have imaginary sex with him. The doll has been selling quite well though, and our guess is much like Vin’s, in that it is being used by gay men or as a funny gag gift for women. However, some women might like to cuddle with it or strap on the Nick Hawk dildo for a more ‘realistic’ experience. 

In addition to the Nick Hawk blow-up doll, there was mention of squirting on the show. For those who are not aware of what Vin Armani was referring to, it is called female ejaculation. To learn more about it and how to do it, make sure to read this helpful article on squirting for a great resource.

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