Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Discreet Sex Toys

Vibrator that looks like lip balm.
How discreet can you be when it comes to a sex toy? 

Very discreet with some of the latest in disguised vibes on the market today. There are sex toys that are so discreet that someone can look right at it and have no idea that it is used for bringing you mind shattering orgasms. 

These discreet vibrators are not just your average vibrators either. They come with a variety of options from powerful, quiet and even rechargeable. From the bath time rubber ducky vibrators to the new the new Screaming O Studio Collection O Balm Stick vibrator that looks like a tube of Chapstick or lip balm. 

These vibrators are selling quickly, not just for women who want to put it in their purse, but for men who want to have an extra tool in their sexual pleasure arsenal. They have also been selling as creative gifts at bachelorette parties and party favors. 

So whether you just want to carry around your sex toy for an intense sexual impulse rendezvous with yourself or your lover, these discreet sex toys are ready to do the job. 

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