Saturday, August 18, 2012

The New Sqweel Wheel 2

Many have heard that the famous sex toy shown on such shows as Jay Leno was getting revamped and the rumors are true. The Sqweel Wheel (AKA Squeal Wheel) has now been improved with not only more speed and power but with a reverse and flicker mode that makes this oral sex toy one the best on the market today. 

This award winning sex toy was great in its original form, but now the Sqweel Wheel 2 has both women and men curling their toes in orgasmic delight. The Sqweel 2 has a great deal more power and is proving to be one of the best selling sex toys for both the solo masturbation session as well as with couples.

The reverse feature allows you to have the soft, pink, silicone tongues flick in either direction, but it is the flicker mode that is most interesting. It quickly goes back and forth like a real tongue. 

It is truly revolutionary and never gets tired. Simply add waterbased lubricant and you have the sensation of oral sex at your finger tips. 

Read more and get the Sqweel 2 on sale now!

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