Saturday, October 7, 2017

Things To Consider BEFORE Buying A Hollow Dildo

We receive a great deal of questions about what options are available for erectile dysfunction (ED) and that is why we would first really encourage you to read this article that we put together on such products so that you are better educated about what to expect-

If you read our article you will learn that one of the issues that couples have with hollow dildos is that they tend to be quite large on the outside because they have to accommodate men on the inside. This means that the dildos are all going to be on the larger side of almost 2 inches in diameter. Because most women prefer about 1.5 inches in diameter these hollow dildos are often found to be too large for them to enjoy as much as they and their partner had hoped. 

Size is subjective so we cannot really say if the larger size will work for you as some couples really like them, but we wanted to give you a heads up on this so that you are educated and empowered to make the best choice for you and your partner.

The larger size of the dildo is why we offer a two hole harness that is specifically for men who have ED. It is called the Spareparts Deuce and what makes this harness so pleasing and comfortable for couples is that it allows a man to go through one hole so that he can still have skin to skin contact with his partner. The reason we mention this is because a hollow dildo will not allow this, in fact, it completely cuts a man off from his partner and provides him with no movement or stimulation at all. They are typically rigid inside and have nothing in them to stimulate him. Whereas the two hole harness allows him to be able to receive stimulation by rubbing against his partner and feel their arousal.

In addition, the two hole harness allows you to use any dildo that your desire that has a flared base and is harness compatible. This means that you can choose the color, shape and size of the dildo so that it is comfortable and pleasurable for the receiver of it. The most popular dildos for couples who use the two hole harness are our Tantus line where you can choose the color, style, shape and size that is right for you-

If you have never bought a dildo before, make sure to read our "How to Choose a Dildo" article to help you determine what features are things you will want for yourself based on your own preferences-

There are only two styles of the two hole harnesses and we have them both which I will link for you below-

The Spareparts Deuce is the most popular of them and it is an outstanding, comfortable, durable harness that will accommodate most any dildo-

If you still wish to go the hollow dildo route, our hollow dildos are below and have all the dimensions of each one with reviews and more information here-

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