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Womanizer Reviews: A Revolutionary New Sex Toy

A review of the Womanizer sex toys along with insights from customer reviews.

Sex. It’s all been done before when it comes to what people can do to one another, but in the world of sex toys, there are so many new experiences to be had with the increasing technology that many adult toys have to offer. A new type of sex toy that has come to the market is bringing a unique sensual sensation to the clitoris and is blowing many women’s hair back when it comes to amazing sex stimulation. A new type you say? What does it do that is so different?

First, let’s get something out of the way before I tell you about what this little gem is… the terrible name choice. Of all things, this product that is designed for women is called the Womanizer. Yeah, not a very feminist way to go on naming this baby. When the developers of this sex toy (based out of Germany) came up with the name they were probably not aware of the potential negative social stigma the name might draw for a sex toy which is actually empowering to women. Just goes to show nothing is totally perfect.

That being said, the Womanizer is a very unique, patented sex toy by a company called Epi24 USA LLC and not only is it effective, it can even help women who have a difficult time climaxing or who have vibrator burn-out. So let’s dive into what makes the baby so unique based on customer reviews.

As many women know vibrators have long been making having orgasms easy, quick and allows women to improve their sexual health and the intensity of their orgasms by increasing blood flow to the genitals.  Vibrations range in low to high levels of power but also two distinct types of vibration. The low pitch, rumbly style vibrator and the high pitch, smooth vibrator. As subjective as sex toys are many women have a certain type of vibrator style that they prefer and with consumers getting more and more savvy they can typically indicate what type of vibe they are seeking.

The Womanizer Pro
The Womanizer, on the other hand, is not a vibrator, however, and that is where this sex toy gets a little confusing for most people. It does have a suction cup end that looks like it provides suction, but it is not a clitoral pump either so that further adds to the confusion of exactly what this sex toy does in bringing women to orgasm and intensely I might add. So, if it is not a vibrator and not a suction pump then what is it?

The Womanizer provides what the manufacturer refers to as air pulses that stimulate the clitoris similar to suction and vibration all at the same time. It brings blood flow directly to the clitoris and it can make a woman orgasm in less than 60 seconds because it is so concentrated in stimulation. Of course, the Womanizer has different settings and speeds so you can start off slowly and build to more intensity but even on lower speeds and settings it and feel like a celebration just for the clitoris.

When you first turn on the Womanizer you may think it is not even working, in fact, many people think it is defective or a weakling because they are so used to vibrators that shake. However, if you put your little pinkie up to the suction cup opening and seal it off you will feel the stimulation quite easily and be assured that this is just a different type of sex toy then you may be used to.

The suction cup style opening goes over the clitoris and creates a seal at the base of it. It is best used with a water based lubricant to increase comfort and sensation. Once the clitoris is inside the fun begins, but make no mistake about it, you will want to start using lower speeds and settings as it can be quite intense the more you move up in intensity even for the power queens that love their vibrators strong.

What is interesting about the Womanizer is that it is something a woman can use for vibrator burn-out. So what does that mean? Vibrator burn-out is when you have used a very powerful vibrator or even an average vibrator for too long and have now become a bit numb to the sensation. Women who have experienced this know that it is very difficult to climax once you have gotten to this point. Think of it like when someone scratches your back. At first, it feels amazing, then it starts to become just soothing, then it loses its stimulating effect and finally it can almost become irritating if done for too long. The same thing applies to a vibrator. It is not a permanent sensation, rather a temporary effect of over stimulation.

The Womanizer actually works well based on customer reviews if a woman is experiencing vibrator fatigue and can help bring a woman to climax even if she has become somewhat numb with overstimulation. This means it is certainly a nice sexual tool to have in one’s toy box if for nothing more than to help a woman overcome that frustration. Of course, the Womanizer is fabulous on its own but having it able to help make it to the mountaintop makes it a keeper.

The other thing that the Womanizer can do is help women who have a difficult time climaxing because it is so concentrated and brings blood flow directly to the clitoris. This can be helpful for women who have female sexual dysfunction as it provides the possibility of having orgasms which in turn helps to increase the intensity of orgasms, increase libido (sex drive) making it easier for women who struggle with such issues. This is especially common with women going through perimenopause and menopause as well as women with vulvodynia, vaginismus and other areas of female sexual dysfunction and customer feedback has confirmed this.

Of course there are no guarantees when it comes to sex toys as all of them are based on a subjective experience of the user, but, the Womanizer is a game changer when it comes to sex toys for women and offers and exciting option that has yet to be experienced in any other sexual product for women.

For customer reviews and to see where you can get it on sale make sure to check it out at as they have provided not just helpful details about the womanizer, but also how to properly care for it through information such as what are the best lubricant to use on the Womanizer as well as cleaning and storage tips.  

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The Womanizer

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