Friday, September 30, 2016

New Developments In Transgender Sex Toys

2016 – The year of trans. The media’s coverage of Laverne Cox, Caitlyn Jenner, as well as the unfortunate passage of North Carolina’s HB2, has pushed the transgender community out into the public eye more than ever before but it is the people of this community that deserve more than just talking points and the introduction of the first sex toy for trans men called the Buck-Off brings something more than meets the eye to the table.

Behind the gender identity of “trans” and “cis” there are people; beneath the subterfuge of derogatory talking points is the debate on an issue instead of the people who are living day in and day out and dealing with the repercussions of it all.  Until now, even the sex toy industry has greatly neglected the lives of transgender people and how their sexual needs are addressed. Now, however, with the massive sales of the Buck-Off, the sex toy industry is transgressing its own limitations on the production of trans toys.

The Buck-Off- Sex Toy For Transmen

The Buck-Off sex toy is more than just a sexual product as it transcends the normal conversation of trans through the exposure of trans issues and education to the public, the explanation of how transitioning affects the human body, and provides a much-needed product for trans men.

To better understand the social significance of the Buck-Off and the product itself, it is key to explore how this product was created and came to market. Enter Buck Angel. He is one of the most well-known transgender men in the world and whose experience in the adult entertainment industry led him to become an activist and sex educator. While being a fighting force for trans rights, it has taken Buck five years of approaching various sex toy manufacturers who all turned him down until he contacted Steve Callow, CEO of the Perfect Fit Brand company, who also saw that there was a need in the market. Callow not only agreed to make the Buck-Off masturbation sleeve for transgender men but an entire line of sex toys for all transgender people. The Buck-Off is just the beginning of a sexual revolution in the adult toy industry.

Although the coverage on the Buck-Off is exploding currently, the reporting on it has been vague in explaining how it actually works leaving many people, even some in the sex toy industry and field of sexuality, somewhat confused. While speaking with Buck and Steve about the Buck-Off sleeve, we discussed not just the importance of having sexual products to further validate the transgender community, but the social impact of bringing increased education about transgender life. By educating people about these products and how they are used, the hope is to help people better understand what being transgender really means and help take the fear of the unknown out of the equation.

This provides a powerful shift in perception for many people and is something that has long been overdue. Buck and Steve have both expressed to me their delight, not just about the amazing number of sales of this product, but by the outpouring of positive support it has received by the public, those in the field of sexuality, the media and of course with consumers.

So, How Does The Buck-Off Work?

Trans men (and transwomen) naturally desire to identify with the gender that they are rather than the biological sex assigned at birth– this is the distinction between “gender” and “sex” within the trans community. Finding ways to connect with their true gender can certainly be challenging for many trans people. The Buck-Off is primarily designed to be used by trans men (Female to Male - FTM) who have not had bottom surgery (vagina to a penis) but who are taking testosterone which typically enlarges the clitoris to 1 - 3 inches in length.

The enlarged clitoris (which is not just larger but more sensitive through hormone therapy) is now able to be inserted into the Buck-Off sleeve and stroked the way that a penis is through the use of traditional male masturbation sleeves. This is important for two reasons:

1    Trans men typically desire contact with their clitoris in a way that resembles having a penis as it is how they can better identify with their gender. The Buck-Off allows for the enlarged clitoris of a trans male to be stroked in this manner and thus provide a more fulfilling sexual experience.

The Buck-Off stroker keeps the user’s hand away from touching other parts of the vagina which can provide a more psychologically fulfilling sexual experience by focusing less on their vagina with an increased focus being on the insertion, thrusting and sexual stimulation in the way that a cisgender male (a man whose biological sex is concurrent with their gender) experiences sexual sensation.

What Does It Feel Like?

The Buck-Off sex toy has been described by trans men as feeling like receiving oral sex as it provides a suction and stroking sensation. So far, the Buck-Off customer reviews have been highly positive and trans men have been reporting that it has not just been sexually satisfying but also the marketing of a product just for them has been meaningful since it provides an acceptance and ownership for their identity as trans people.

Other Uses For The Buck-Off

While the Buck-Off is designed specifically for trans men it can also be used by anyone, including cisgender men and women. For men, it can be used as a masturbation sleeve just for the head of a man’s penis which allows the shaft to receive other stimulation from himself or a lover.

In addition, the Buck-Off is ideal for men with a micropenis as many find that traditional masturbation sleeves for men too large. Women can also use it as a suction device for the labia and clitoral area which offers not just a pleasing sensation but increased blood flow to the genitals which can help with increasing sex drive and more intense orgasms.

What Is Next?

There are more transgender sex toys coming out in Buck Angel’s line in the upcoming months so be prepared to see more options and unique sexual solutions for the transgender community.

Where Can I Learn More & Buy The Buck-Off?

Currently, has a promotion in celebration for the launch of the product with the use of the promo code BUCKANGEL which takes 15% of your entire order. offers helpful instructions not just on using the Buck-Off stroker but also what lubricants are safe to use on it as well as how to best clean and store it.

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