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Funny Stories Of People Who Dream Of Being A Porn Star

The inside dirt on porn applicants and they crazy things they say and do.

As a mental health therapist and sex educator, I wrote an article several years ago on what it really takes to get into the adult entertainment industry with the intention of helping people to realize that it is not something to be taken lightly. While I am not personally involved with the porn industry, I do work with many different professionals in all spectrums of the adult industry to provide educational resources, so it was a topic I was able to provide helpful information on as well as important considerations. 
With so many people getting involved in amateur porn and other types of porn without thinking through the consequences of being publically tied to permanently documented sex acts, there may certainly be a recipe for future problems if not thought out well. These choices may dramatically impact future relationships and career choices making it an important issue for those considering getting involved.

What I did not expect was to have my “How to Become a Porn Star” article go viral and for so many people to start contacting my sexual health company (which has nothing to do with porn) begging to have us help them get into the adult entertainment industry. We clearly state in the article several times that we are not porn producers and not to contact us about getting a job in porn; yet, over the years we still get contacted daily by people desperate to get into the porn industry and the applications have become a constant source of humor for us. While some of the messages we receive are in truth somewhat sad or even vile; others are downright hilarious. Below is a taste of what we have seen over the years.

Examples of The Types of People Who Apply to be a Porn Star-

The Naïve Narcissist

Surprisingly, many porn applicants are under the false impression that the adult industry is desperate for people to be in porn and that someone who is actually willing to do it is akin to finding the Hope Diamond. Emails with comments such as “Alright, I guess I will do it,” and “I have thought this over and I suppose you can sign me up,” are rather amusing.  We will often joke that we should send the imaginary private porn jet right away to go pick them up and have the sexy-time limo standing by because hold onto your hats…. we found someone who is willing to be in porn! Alert the media!

The Sad Sack-

Typically, these sad stories most often seem to come in from countries in South Asia and the Middle East with tales of heartbreaking poverty and a willingness to do anything to make money. This includes them confessing that they are willing to do what they believe is selling their soul to the devil by getting into porn. There are usually indications that they are financially desperate and they just need us to arrange for travel to the USA and to pay them the millions they hope to make by doing porn. Much like the Naïve Narcissist types they often think that the adult industry is just holding out for people like them to have sex so they can film it and make them into an A-list porn star.

The Pervert-

These messages are typically by disturbed people who describe sexual acts they are willing to do which are highly immoral and illegal (and should be) such as bestiality and child pornography. Frankly, we feel especially mentally violated when we get these emails and report them to the proper authorities. We can assure you that those in the mainstream adult entertainment industry don’t want anything to do with such people and want nothing more for them to seek professional help. In fact, Alec Helmy, a strong leader in the adult industry who owns Xbiz, also founded the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (, which works closely with law enforcement through an international reporting tip line and other resources.

The Unsolicited Dick Pic Guy-

Many men forgo sending in any relevant information and decide that sending an unsolicited picture of their genitals will do the trick. After all, many of them already visually sexually assault people on dating and other apps with unsolicited dick pics all the time; so, they figure in their little pea brains…  why not for a job in porn? After speaking with many of the largest porn studio staff and owners they say that is pretty common to get these and not something they desire. There are a few reasons for not doing this in addition to common sense and decency-

  •  No one wants to see your junk when you are applying for a job… yeah, even porn studios... at least not yet. Trust me when I say they are not impressed. They have seen it all and until they ask you for pictures specifically of your genitals… do not send them. A professional cover letter and resume is actually something they would prefer with pertinent information for the job. As for pictures, send those of you in a bathing suit or lingerie with an indication that nude pictures are available should they have interest. SOLICITED full body pics come later.
  •  Men typically have a snowball’s chance in hell when it comes to getting in porn. Unless it is gay porn, with a specific niche, men are typically seen as a prop and nothing more. Don’t get me wrong, gay porn is also challenging to get into but a bit less so than straight porn. Also keep in mind that men are not paid as much and truth be known, they are typically only considered if they have a preexisting relationship with someone who works for the porn studio. Furthermore, they have to be liked by the female contracted talent. If a man is chosen, porn studios will hire them over and over again rather than employ new men as it is a safer choice with regard to security, STDs and performance issues to use limited partners.
  • It is not just about the look of your manhood. You will have to have orgasms on command, get erect, stay erect and show a great deal of stamina so performance is key. Most men are not up for the task and the porn studios know that so your dick pic means very little and even more so if it is not wanted in the first place.

The “I Like/Love Sex” Nitwit-

Another of the porn applicant types that are humorous are those that think that because they like or love sex they are ideal for the job. They say things such as “I know that I am perfect for the job because I really like having sex.” Seriously, this is your best reason for a porn studio to hire you? Considering that the mass majority of the entire human population enjoys sex we would have to say this is not going to make you stand out.  Just no.

The Dreamer-

Oddly, we have gotten a large number of emails from people who say that being in porn has always been a dream of theirs. It makes you imagine them day dreaming of standing at a podium at the Xbiz or AVN Awards thanking everyone for making their porn dreams come true. One guy begged us not to “break his dreams” and turn him down. Another said that it was this or he was going to go work for an airline. We shudder to think of what he must be doing in the cockpit these days.

The Serious Candidate

The people who are serious about getting into the porn industry do their homework first. They understand that it is a job and that one must be professional and careful not to get scammed because, unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous types that pose as adult talent agencies and porn studios who take advantage of people. There are financial scams and even things that can jeopardize one’s health and safety. It is why one must be educated about this BEFORE they even begin approaching porn studios or adult entertainment agencies.  

Porn Studio Directory & Contact Information

A great resource to get started if one is serious is through the site which provides helpful and free education on these matters as well as legitimate adult industry resources that you can contact porn studios through the directories provided on the site.

Lisa S. Lawless. Ph.D. is the founder and C.E.O. of Holistic Wisdom, Inc. which is a company that provides sexual health and wellness education, resources as well as products. She is also the founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS) which is an educational organization for sexual health professionals and features an academy as well as a safe sexual products campaign.

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