Friday, May 9, 2014

Sqweel Go Reviews & Sale

The New Sqweel Go by Love Honey
If you have heard about Love Honey's Sqweel Wheel (a.k.a. Squeal Wheel) then you know that it is a rather unique sex toy that simulates oral sex, particularly cunnilingus. However, the new twist on this oral sex toy is called the Sqweel Go and it has been revamped into a more compact, rechargeable version that is waterproof and offers high a powered rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues and 6 speeds and patterns for intense stimulation. 

It is already proving to be a bestseller and that is pretty remarkable since it was just released. Customer reviews are indicating that it feels just like a real human tongue and is not just an oral sex toy for women, but can be used on nipples, the penis and even the anus. 

The Sqweel Go is easy to clean as it is made with pure silicone and it is rechargeable using a USB port, which is a great feature allowing for anyone in any country to use it without worrying about having the right adapter to fit into a electrical outlet. The more petite design also fits in the hand more easily and is very easy to clean. 

The Sqweel Go is best served by using a paraben-free waterbased lubricant with it in order to make the tongues feel moist and life like when in use. To read more about it, find out where to get it on sale and read actual customer reviews make sure to check out the Sqweel Go here-

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