Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Wake Up Vibe Review

Wake-Up Vibe
The Wake Up Vibe-

The Wake Up Vibe is being promoted as a discreetly designed, rechargeable vibrator that sensuously wakes up a woman with arousing vibrations. Essentially the Wake Up Vibrator is an alarm clock vibrator.  The benefits indicate that the use of the Wake-Up vibe has been found to boost sex drive and increase sexual functioning. 

What do women really think of the Wake-Up Vibe? 

They like it. It is a gentle vibe so there are not loud noises are harsh, scary vibrations that send them leaping from the bed; rather, the women who have used it indicate that it is quite an arousing way to get up in the morning and actually relaxes them, putting them in the mood to perhaps stay under the sheets a little longer. 

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