Saturday, August 17, 2013

Masque Sexual Flavor Strips Review

Masque Sexual Flavors Review
Masque Sexual Flavors are a product that claim to make it more palatable to swallow during oral sex while making it more fun and pleasurable for both partners. After trying it here are some things you will want to know about it-

The strips come in four flavors: chocolate, strawberry, mango and watermelon. We have tried them all and there is not one that is better than the others... it will come down to the flavor you prefer. Masque Sexual Flavor strips are contained in a cardboard folding holder which is tasteful and well packaged. The strips are in a durable and well sealed plastic packet. In order to use them you have to remove them from the packet. Some have tried it by licking it on the packet but it does not work like that. Once you have removed it you will see that the Masque strip is as thin as tissue paper and you can actually see through it. 

They are designed to melt (dissolve) on your tongue much like a breath strip so you want to make sure you store it in a place that is at least 78 degrees fahrenheit so that they do not melt. When you take them out of the package you will notice that they do not smell like the flavor they are marketed as which is somewhat deceiving as they change once they are activated on your tongue so do not be discouraged when you first take them out of the wrapper and think that it is going to taste bad... this is something you are going to have to try to believe.

Once it is on your tongue you are going to notice that it starting to dissolve and as it does it is going to give off a tingling sensation. This is completely normal and it just means that the product is activating with your saliva. Once it dissolves you are going to suddenly notice that the flavor is now in full effect and the tingling is gone and this is where it gets fun. 

The product actually works, it completely eliminates any of the unpleasant tastes of ejaculate / semen from men and does not just cover it with the flavor but actually removes it. The flavor is just an added pleasure. For those who do not like the taste of a man's ejaculate and have a hard time performing in general or swallowing while giving a blow job, you are going to love this product. It makes it quite pleasurable and because you will have more enthusiasm about it, giving head will be even that much better for your male partner as you enthusiastically lick and suck his penis making him a very happy man. Learn more about Masque Flavor Strips through the link below- 

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